Will Shakespeare and PBS

Well, Upstart Crow, sorry, at first you were sort of funny, even with non-subtle references to possible homosexuality on the part of W.S.  However, when you turned the show into an Elizabethan version of Weekend At Bernie’s, you lost me.  NOT FUNNY, No, No, No!!!

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Historical Accuracy

I love authors that take the time to actual research the period about which they are writing. There are others, however, who just throw in words like “carriage,” “gown,” “riding habit,” or “King,” in their stories, to indicate that what we are reading is taking place sometime in the past.  That makes the good writers even more memorable in contrast. Sadly, even those who are usually quite precise in their research can sometimes make a misstep.

Memo to JA/AG:   you are a wonderful plot master, family and world builder.  Just one thing:  Madame Recamier was born in 1777.    Small thing I know,  but it just bugged me to see her couch in 1747.  Did someone forget to fact check?

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Badly Again

Memo to Victoria A. and Harlequin Editorial

Please note:  If you can’t feel goodly, then you can’t feel badly.   Of course,  if you have great difficulty feeling at all, then you might actual feel badly, but that is a different story all together.

See what a difference that ly makes?



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Weird Al Yankovic

Strange appearance on the Emmy’s notwithstanding, this summer Weird Al had the first number one comedy album on the charts since 1963.  This is well deserved.  He managed to take a song I really dislike and make it into a thing of beauty.  If you haven’t seen the video for WORD CRIMES yet, you must.  It is hilarious and unfortunately, too true.

Weird Al Yankovic, you are my grammatical soul mate and a GENIUS!


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Okay, so I have not had time to post in forever, but as Ray Romano famously said:  “Sometimes material writes itself…”

Last night ABC news had a story about the new iphone 6.  Apparently, it is too big for some owners pockets because when it was removed from the pocket, it had bended.  BENDED? is that like SWIMMED?  Are the writers at ABC now creating new words for new Apple products or are they, alas,  that ignorant?  And really, I know the reporters have to read the teleprompter quickly, but did none of them realize “bended” is NOT a Word?  BENT people, BENT!

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What happened to funny?

So the other day, I started watching “Whitney.”  This show airs at 8PM on NBC and is supposed to be a new “hit”  Anyway, the whole show was about Masturbating!  It was not very funny and all I could think  was: who is watching this at 8PM?

Then there was “Are You There Chelsea?”  Also on NBC at 8:30PM.  I saw about 5 minutes in which the heroine spoke about how she couldn’t be with the bartender at her job because they both  wanted to be on top.  I couldn’t even finish watching the show.  NOT FUNNY!!!

Also, rather disturbing that these shows feel that sexual acts are inherently funny and suitable to be aired at such an early time.  Is every writer in Hollywood on drugs, or do they really think that sex is the only thing that people find funny?

Now, recently “Saturday Night Live” re-aired one of their classic Christmas skits with Alec Baldwin”  “Delicious Dish” aka “Schweddy Balls.”  This entire parody of NPR is laden with sexual innuendo, but only for an older audience.  A child would not really understand that everything said had a double meaning.  Dopey, yet funny and also safe to air at 8PM. I would also like to point out that it is from 1998

Move on people!!


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Random Craziness

What’s wrong with this?  “Never having any children, her affairs were…” NBC News.

Okay,  I know that children can be the result of an affair, but I didn’t know affairs themselves were capable of live birth.

Memo to C. Camp:  The single form of candelabra is candelabrum, your hero could not have picked up a “single candelabra.”  That is like saying “He ate his breakfast with a single forks.”  A black ball gown?  Really?  Was your heroine in secret mourning?

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Spelling or Editing?

Really Ms. Long:  The entire house party ate breakfast every morning in the kitchen?  First of all, nineteenth century kitchens were not used for meals, not even by the staff.  There would not have been room.   Second of all, half of those aristocrats barely knew where their kitchens were.  They would have eaten in the breakfast room or even dining room. 

“Sniffing is not aloud!” Did you actually mean “allowed” perhaps?   Or is it possible that Ian really meant that sniffing is silent?


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What’s Ringing????

“I am just hearing about this now.  I want to ring Simon’s neck!”    Really, he wants to put a ring on someone’s neck? Is that a new Hollywood fad?  Is it just possible that he wanted to wring Simon’s neck?

Really, Newsday? Editing by Spellcheck?  Or is it that your reporter really didn’t know the difference?  I hope not, print media has enough problems without adding bad spelling to the list.

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News and Entertainment Questions

NBC News:  “Now that he’s no longer facing criminal charges, Alvarez’s attorney plans to file…”  His attorney was facing criminal charges?  If I was Alvarez, I’d find a new one.

E.T.:  “Now separated, the audience will see them again…”  If they’re separated, how are they one audience?

E.T. (again) : “From performing on stage to playing field hockey, the magazine shows…” Wow, that’s some versatile magazine; mine tend to just stay on the table with their friends.  I wonder if the subscribers have to pay more for all that action?

Extra:  “With a $2.2M price slash, Nic Cage…”  Gee, Nic Cage was marked down?  What was his original price?

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